About Us


Alston Natural Stone (formerly Hodgson Brothers) is a family run business with over 50 years of quarrying experience.

The stone quarried is a hard carboniferous era sandstone from Flinty Fell. The stone has been used in the local area for hundreds of years, and testament to it's longevity can be seen in the opposite photo showing Smallclough mine, Nenthead.


Richard and Ian Hodgson have developed the company and diversified the product range to keep Alston Natural Stone prominent in today's stone industry. We enjoy the range of people we can supply with our stone, from bulk-haulage to intricate designs, and we are always happy with customer satisfaction levels.


We look forward to hearing from new customers who perhaps haven't yet come across our unique type of sandstone.

Company policies

The Environment

Being in the quarrying business we recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact. We comply with all regulations and regularly consult on how to progress into the future.

Equality and diversity

Alston Natural Stone will not tolerate any form of discrimination.